LV-N209c NISSAN CEDRIC WAGON GL White/Wood Grain Custom Spec

Tomica Limited Vintage

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Scale: 1/64 Vehicle release date: 1980s   Automaker : Nissan Motor 


-New specifications have appeared in the popular Y30 wagon every time!
-Reproduce the popular wood grain panel equipped car!
-Reproduce the custom specifications with aluminum wheels!

Y30 type Cedric / Gloria wagon and van that gives you a retro feel and can be customized as you wish. After its appearance in 1983, the actual cars produced until 1999 are not only frequently seen in the city, but also have specialty stores, making them a widely popular model. We have commercialized the 1/35 plastic model, 1/150 car collection, and TLV-NEO, all of which have been very well received.

This time, a car equipped with a wood grain panel, which is especially popular among Y30 series wagons, will be fully released in TLV-NEO. The grade is GL, and the base color is available in two types, white and blue metallic, which make the wood grain shine. Both have reproduced the appearance of custom specifications equipped with aluminum wheels. GeoColle 64 # It goes well with various car snaps and Tomikarama Vintage, so please enjoy it in combination.

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