Diocolle 64 #Car Snap 02b Car Wash

Tomica Limited Vintage

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● Figure + accessory set
-Comes with a special miniature car!
● Take various pictures and use them on SNS!

A set with the theme of car wash. Includes figures of a dad wiping the body, a girl sprinkling water, a boy playing on a bicycle (BMX), and a lying cat. Faucets, hose reels, etc. can also be combined.

【set content】
① Honda Civic 25X ・ S-Limited (Tomikari Limited Vintage NEO)
② Bicycle (BMX)
③ Faucet
④ Hose reel
⑤ Bucket
⑥ Boy figure
⑦ Girl figure
⑧ Dad figure
⑨ Cat

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