Tomica Limited Vintage 1/64 LV-N236b Nissan Fairlady Z-T 2 BY 2 Red


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Scale: 1/64 Vehicle release date: 1980s   Automaker : Nissan Motor 

Introduced in 1978, the S130 Fairlady Z is a grand touring car with a body line that retains the image of the first S30, which is said to have changed the history of sports cars, combined with modern mechanisms such as a semi-trailing arm rear suspension. Growing up as. In 1981, it underwent a minor change in the shape of the bumper and tail lamp, and was produced until 1983.

TLV-NEO commercialized the late model 280Z 2BY2 in 2013, but this time we will add a 2000cc model.
The side of the body without the side molding, which is a feature of the 2000cc engine-equipped vehicle, is newly reproduced.
The silver / black body has a turbo specification added in 1982, and the muffler and wheel shape have been changed.
Please also pay attention to the gorgeous image created by the long body and coloring unique to 2BY2.


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