Facebook Preorder Group Policy

  1. Agreement to Terms: Placing an order on the website or by commenting on the Facebook group "Black Ice Diecast Preorders and Sales" constitutes agreement to these terms and conditions. Members should carefully review and understand these terms before proceeding with a preorder. Please note that when making a comment on the Facebook group, it signifies the initiation of an order. This policy applies to all past, present, and future orders made through the Facebook group or the website.
  2. Fulfillment and Availability: Prepaid orders will be given priority for fulfillment. Orders will be processed based on a first-come, first-served basis, with prepaid orders being prioritized. Availability is subject to supplier limitations.
  3. Non-Refundable Deposits: Deposits made for preorder items are non-refundable, except in cases where production is canceled or the supplier fails to fulfill the order. Members should carefully consider their purchase before placing a preorder.
  4. Limited Date Estimates: ETAs (estimated time of arrival) provided are based on release dates provided by the supplier, distributor, or manufacturer. Please note that these release dates are subject to change and may exceed the initially estimated arrival time. The "Black Ice Diecast Preorders and Sales" Facebook preorder group relies on this information to provide updates to its members. While direct communication with Black Ice Diecast for specific release dates or individual order inquiries may not always be possible, members are responsible for seeking information on the group's pages and utilizing its resources and community support. If the ETA exceeds two months, members may inquire about their items. It's important to be aware that Black Ice Diecast will not be held liable if members are uninformed about release dates and fail to access arrival and deadline information.
  5. Cancellation or Modification: Cancellation or modification of preorders is subject to reason and circumstances. The preorder page group may not have direct control over requests and will not be responsible for associated fees or processes. Change of mind will not be honored.
  6. Respectful Communication: Members must engage in respectful and constructive communication at all times. Offensive language or behavior will not be tolerated.
  7. Payment on Time: All members should strive to pay for their preordered items within two weeks of arrival. If there is a delay in payment, members should contact Black Ice Diecast to inform them about the delay.
  8. Handling of Existing Orders: In the event that a person fails to claim and pay for their preorder items while having existing paid orders on the website, Black Ice Diecast reserves the right to withhold sending the paid orders until the preordered items are paid for. This policy ensures fairness and proper handling of orders within the preorder page group. Members are encouraged to promptly settle any outstanding payments to avoid delays in receiving their preorder items.
  9. Non-Payment Consequences: Unpaid items after two weeks of arrival will be relisted and revert to the post order price. Non-payment may result in member removal. Black Ice Diecast reserves the right to remove any member due to non-responsiveness or non-payment of preordered items.