LV-194a Datsun Truck North American model Red


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Scale: 1/64 Vehicle release date: 1960s   Automaker : Nissan Motor 

-"Dattra" 521 type of the 1960s appears as a new mold
● Includes the nostalgic logo

The 6th generation Datsun Truck (520 type), which appeared in 1965, has evolved differently from the passenger car Bluebird, which had shared the basic design until then, and was the first model to be uniquely designed. However, the front area was initially similar to the 410-inch Bluebird, but in 1968 it became a modern design reminiscent of the 510-inch Bluebird, and the model name was changed to the 521-inch. It was the number one imported commercial vehicle in the United States, and was a model that greatly contributed to the expansion of the Japanese vehicle market as a whole.

TLV has developed the 521 type Datsun truck based on two types of left-hand drive North American specifications and Bridgestone tire service car specifications that were actually active at that time. Bridgestone specifications come with tires as luggage. Please also pay attention to the logos that are typical of those days. 
Both are also suitable for the Tomi Karama Vintage and #Car Snap series on sale.

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