LV-N238b Nissan Laurel Medalist Club L White/Gold


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Scale: 1/64 Vehicle release date: 1980s   Automaker : Nissan Motor 

The C33 model, which was announced as the 6th generation Laurel in 1988, was a car that was given a clear character like a Nissan car at that time, such as a low silhouette with a 4-door hardtop and a tasteful interior. .. It is also popular for its luxury and good driving performance, and after the end of production, it can be used as a base car for drifting along with the Cefiro and Silvia at the same time, taking advantage of the FR layout. Even now, more than 25 years after the end of sales, its popularity has not diminished. One of Nissan's symbolic cars during the bubble era, the C33 Laurel, will be newly introduced in TLV-NEO. This time, we will first develop the early model. There are two grades, the sportiest medalist club S and the luxury medalist club L, each of which has the image color at the beginning of its debut. Club S is a bumper with a front spoiler. Nissan cars from the end of the 1980s to the 1990s, which have been gaining more attention in recent years. * The rear spoiler is user-installed.

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