LV-N192e Savanna RX-7 ɛ̃fini Black

Tomica Limited Vintage

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Scale: 1/64 Vehicle release date: 1990s   Automaker :Mazda 

-The actual car is also full of charm! Famous cars at the beginning of Heisei
● Commercialization of FC3S late model -Reproduce the popular limited car Various famous cars were born, and in 1989, it is said to be the vintage year in the history of Japanese cars. In this year, which is also the first year of Heisei, new cars appeared almost every month, and all of them were attractive cars that attracted a lot of attention. This year, the second-generation Savannah RX-7 (FC3S type) was also significantly changed in the fourth year. The late model, which went on the road to a pure sports car, such as powering up from 185 horsepower to 205 horsepower and aluminum bonnet (partly), became even more popular, and there was also a big hit of the Eunos Roadster that appeared in the same year. At that time, Mazda was even said to be the world's largest mass-produced sports car manufacturer. TLV-NEO will commercialize the FC3S type in 2019. We have already developed 6 types and have been very well received each time. This time, there are two types, the special specification car Winning Limited, which was released in 1991 to commemorate the 24 Hours of Le Mans overall victory, the limited car "∞ (Efini)", which is the ultimate in driving, and the must-have for fans. Amphini is developed in the standard color black. * The front spoiler is a user-installed part.

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