LV-86f Porsche 911 Yellow


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 Scale: 1/64 Car release date: 1960s   Automaker : Imported car 

The 911, which made its debut at the 1963 Frankfurt Motor Show as a successor to the previous Porsche 356, is still a popular and unabated car after several model changes. The combination of a traditional rear engine and a highly practical body has always been well received by sports car fans. TLV has developed the initial model as the first foreign car in the series, but we will add new specifications for the first time in a while. The yellow 911 reproduces the initial model, pay attention to the unique bumper shape and emblems. This time, new parts have been added to the side mirrors attached to the driver's seat side. It is a popular model every time it is released, so please do not miss it this time as well.